Bull on Poetry Book Society, and some Publication News

Last month I was very excited to see that Bull was listed on the Poetry Book Society’s website as a Summer 2019 selection! It has now sold out, but I still have two copies left so get in touch with me directly if you would still like to buy one.

In other news, I have two new sequences due for publication in late July/August in Stride and new online journal, Anthropocene, run by the excellent Charlie Baylis.

Anthropocene seems like a really exciting new journal, and already has poems live by Dominic Leonard, Robert Sheppard and Leela Soma, all of which I have enjoyed, so I’m really happy to have had some work accepted.

The publication in Stride will be under the guest-editorship of Martin Stannard, who provided a flattering endorsement quote for Bull, and whose collection poems for the young at heart I read recently and loved. So, once again, a great publication that I’m very pleased about.


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